the magic of Christmas

Christmas is already in the air: it is in the lights, in the decorations, in the candles, in the colors, but it is above all in the smells.
Grandma’s dessert, the typical aroma of wood burning in the fireplace, the smell of snow or that of spices … these seem to be the real Christmas essences.

Are you sure that it is enough to fill the house with lights to really immerse yourself in the Christmas mood?

Our advice is to furnish the house with perfume by stimulating the most primordial of our senses, the one that has the super power to trigger the emotions linked to memories: the sense of smell.

The smell allows us to travel through time and rediscover for a few moments moments, feelings, places, people and shades that we had apparently removed.

Have you ever heard of Proust’s syndrome?

It is a phenomenon linked to the French writer’s work In Search of Lost Time, which in those pages evokes an episode from his childhood linked to the taste and smell of a piece of madeleine dipped in lime-flavored tea.

Just a moment and the nose turns into an overbearing explorer of our memory, demonstrating how the passage of time does not seem to affect olfactory stimuli, unlike memories related to sight and words.

Keep this in mind when choosing Christmas fragrances for your home!

Below we suggest some winter fragrances to light up the magical atmosphere of Christmas.

Cotton flower
A tender and delicate fragrance with floral notes, a pure and romantic perfume.
Delicate and completely natural fragrance, which creates a warm and refined atmosphere.

Makes the environment warm with discretion. Warm and sensual fragrance, where the tones of woods, African spices and earth emerge with vigor, an ancient and precious blend.

The lively and rich essence, with a vibrant charm, reaches the heart quickly. The pomegranate fragrance gives a pleasant fresh exotic scent and a candid warmth.

Woods and spices
Warm and sensual fragrance. Notes of lavender and orange, combined with vanilla beans and cedar wood, combined with rich oriental spices, make the environment warm with discretion and passion.

Its scent will bring back many memories. The scent of purity, a mix of musks and white flowers, candid, fresh, refined and velvety notes give freshness and love.

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