Mission: Decorate the house with the perfume

Like all the most beautiful stories, also ours starts with small steps.
Thirteen years ago Top House was born in Pescara, in a small workshop, but with a clear vision of its future
To decorate the houses with the perfume.
We believe that a house is not made up of only painted furniture and walls: it must tell about people who live there, by evoking feelings, memories, emotions, stimulating mind and body, as only a perfume is able to do.

Our philosophy is focused on research and development: fragrances, raw materials and all the elements are meticulously chosen with the aim to create an inimitable fragrance.
The result is unique: the combination of the perfumes combined give life to an inebriating, unrepeatable harmony, born exclusively from our creativity.

Digging soon led us to climb the market: exactly as our essences did, we too have spread, moving from fragrances for home to those for car and personal perfume because our ambition is to take care of a person’s well-being totally.
Today we are proud to let people from all over the world know our Made in Italy articles, besides to the distribution of home decor items coming from all over the world.

Here it follows our milestones:
THD Top House was founded in 2005 with the aim to create a high quality collection, with a clear and recognizable identity. We started with the production of reed diffusers, designed for the decoration of the rooms and for the wellbeing of the person, and in a few years we have enlarged our offer with car fragrance, textile spray and scented items for footwear sector, up to get to the creation of the “Unique” brand designed for personal care.

When we say that our fragrances are unique it is not trivial self-referential: each of our scents comes from the combination of multiple essences, a combination chosen only by our hands and our creative inspiration.

In 2007 we moved to Atri, one of the most beautiful villages in Abruzzo, the scene of our greatest revolution: it is here, in fact, that we moved from handicraft production to the industrialized one, starting to produce over 5000 pieces per hour.

Our revolution continues and in 2008 our first collections were born: first Citronella Pearl, a highly innovative product in the field of repellent mosquitoes, then Unico, a line dedicated to wellness and personal care.

2019 will be the bearer of news: an exclusive line that will bring 100% wellbeing.


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