The emotional harmony between professionalism and fragrances


Top House is the home decoration and room fragrances company; synonymous of quality, prestige and trust for its over 5,000 customers, in Italy and Europe.
Since 2005 Top House has earned a leading position in the market. It was born as a craft workshop and became soon a real industry of home fragrances with automated production facilities; afterwards it developed car fragrances and perfumes for women. Today Top House produces fragrances and commercialize home decor articles from all over the world, for all occasions


In 2005 Top House was founded in Pescara with the aim to develop a high quality collection of room fragrances for everybody. Thanks to the entrepreneurial intuition of the partners who have always invested in research and development, launching on the market new fragrances, generated by an emotional harmony of aromas of plants, flowers and fruits
In 2007, the headquarter and production plant were transferred to Atri, in an industrial warehouse with its automated facilities which allow today to reach a production capacity to over 5000 pieces per hour.
In 2008 the “Citronella Pearl” brand was created, a highly innovative product in the field of mosquito repellency. Afterwards car fragrance, fabric spray and woman perfumes were added to the collection under the “Unico” brand.
Today Top House is very popular in many European countries, with an eye to the Middle East, never betraying its origins, but always defending the Made in Italy.


Our “Mission”: to become popular also among those who do not “see” the product.
People have to recognize our product first from the perfume then from the appearance, this is our mission.
High attention to the quality of the ingredients used, to the details, to the customer care, these are our strengths that make the difference.
Innovation, research, development and safety are the essential factors that, together with the end user care allow us to gain brand awareness.

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