Ultrasonic lamp diffuser: how it works and what are the benefits.

Is it possible to travel while standing still in the same place?

In the book “The art of stillness” Pico Iyer writes about the courage to unplug, to refuge in a space fully dedicated to oneself, to look at things from the right distance and to live with more determination and wisdom.

Running with no stop – claims Iyer – can prevent us from seeing where we are going. The real revolution, the only one able to give a new value to existence is to stop doing and start being.

How many places can we visit every day without going anywhere?

With the aromatherapy, just choose the right fragrance, close your eyes and find yourself in a forest of fir trees, in a rainforest, near a waterfall, in an expanse of lavender or in an eucalyptus field.

“Do not go anywhere doesn’t mean to turn your back on the world; it means to retreat from time to time, so that you can see the world more clearly and love it more deeply “.

And if we talk about aromatherapy, it is mandatory to mention the ultrasonic diffuser, a real treat for lovers of this holistic practice.

The ultrasonic diffuser for essential oils is a very useful tool to be used at home for the spread of fragrances, as well as being a beautiful home décor article, used to steam essential oils, which are diffused into the environment without exploiting the heat of combustion.

What is the difference between an ultrasonic diffuser and a hot diffuser?

The ultrasonic essential oils diffuser works cold, just like aromatherapy. This means that, unlike diffusion systems that use heat, cold diffusion keeps intact the properties of essential oils and allows them to fully enjoy their benefits.

In poor words, the diffusers that use the heat, spread the perfume throughout the room, but do not perform the same purifying function as the cold ones, which clean the air, improving its quality.

Durability over time also deserves attention which in ultrasonic diffusers is certainly longer than the traditional diffusers.

Besides, choosing an ultrasonic diffuser means to love and respect the environment, since their use does not require gas emissions.

NIAGARA, the THD Tophouse branded ultrasonic diffuser

NIAGARA diffuser, adaptable for any type of furniture, is made with the highest quality materials; it comes to life from the innovative, essential and fascinating, Italian design.

The NIAGARA ultrasonic diffuser is not only an aroma diffuser: it is also an air humidifier, as well as a beautiful multiple functions seven-colours lamp.

Aromatherapy and chromotherapy merge into a fascinating piece of furniture ready to lead you to the wildest and most untouched places.


Acting as a humidifier, Niagara lamp spreads water vapor in the environment and helps to remove, especially in winter time, the drought in the air caused by the heating of the radiators.

Acting as aroma diffuser, Niagara lamp makes the environment fragrant. By this way the diffuser becomes a valid tool for aromatherapy.

The pure essential oils, placed in the tank together with the water, act on the neurotransmitters, bringing physically and mentally benefits to the body.


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